e- Publishing

eDigital Infosolutions Private Limited is the leader when it comes to e-publishing services. Together with expertise, our workforce also specializes in the processes involving management, delivery and creation of content according to the demand of our customer or clients We provide outstanding support and solutions to various forms of conversion such as E-book conversion, XML conversion and HTML5 conversion.


eBook Conversion

eBooks are the electronic version of printed books. Unlike printed books, which can be heavy to carry, eBooks are portable: they can be read and downloaded on a smartphone, Kindle and other devices. Also, they are user-friendly which means they can be personalized with individual styles to enhance one’s reading experience. The primary characteristics of eBooks include the following:

  • The ability to search text using particular words or phrases
  • The feature to choose the style and size of fonts to enhance one’s reading experience
  • Dark and bright reading modes
  • Digital bookmarks to get back to a page in accordance with one’s needs
  • Tables of contents that are dynamic by nature


While MOBI files are compatible with all kinds of Kindle products, EPUB files can be read only on an iPad, Nook or any other eReader. When a file is converted into EPUB or MOBI files, its content remains the same but its resolution gets optimised in terms of the screen size of various devices. Our experts can accomplish the task perfectly for you.

Fixed layout EPUB/MOBI

Standard eBooks i.e. mobi and ePub involve a flowable layout for images and text. As a result, the appearance of an eBook may vary from one eReader to the other. On the other hand, those variants that consist of Fixed Layout affix images to each electronic page. So, regardless of the kind of eReader on which they are viewed, they look the same on all the eReaders.

If you wish to appear the text and images on an eBook in a particular way, then a Fixed Layout file is what you need. Having worked in the industry for several years, our technical experts have the expertise to convert .mobi to eBooks with a Fixed Layout so you can view it on your Apple device in the way you want without any hassle.

Read Aloud ePub

The read aloud feature is one of the highlights of the devices that are designed and developed by Apple Inc. It spices up the experience of reading eBooks by adding the element of fun to it. It usually involves a background music which is soothing to the ears and further encourages a reader to read on. Being in the industry for several years and with the experience of working with this feature, our technical experts are thoroughly acquainted with it. They are committed to helping you make the most of this feature with their services.